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Thread: RIP My Boys

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    I'm sorry, A*O. Loving them is so easy, and losing them is so damn hard.
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    It's very hard to lose a pet, A*O.
    It took me almost ten years to adopt a new cat after my first one died.
    I never wanted to go through that again until Brookie said something here years ago that changed my mind.
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    I'm so sorry A*O . I have a golden retriever puppy. I don't even want to think about when that time comes. They are truly family . My heart goes out to you.

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    I'm terribly sorry A*O. My husband broke down when his beloved dog died a couple of years ago and he still has a very hard time fighting the tears back as soon as he just says his name or tells a story about him. That being said, my dog (we both had dogs before we met) just turned 11 a couple of days ago and she's very healthy and behaving like a silly puppy, but I know she won't be here forever. I think I will lose it completely.
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    Thanks again everyone. You’re all very kind. I’m shaken at how this has shaken me as I thought I’d prepared myself when it became obvious they were fading fast. They both suffered severe strokes/seizures so we had to let them go. I couldn’t bear to actually be there for their final moments but our wonderful vet looked after them perfectly. But I still can’t forget the confused looks on their little faces when they were carried out of the room. And now I’m tearing up again. Sigh.
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    We lost the last of our 4 kitties.our Byron.He was almost 20.A long time to live with a pet.We all are shaken,though we knew..he was in a lot of pain ...My girls and sons in law were with him all the time,he died on son in law,s arms.I coulnt be there,i am sorry...i know i should.
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    I am always there when a pet dies - I'm the last thing/person they see. Yeah, it's hard, but it's not about me at that point - it's what my pal needs as they slip away. (not smacking anyone here either, it's just what I do)
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    So sorry. I bet you were a great mom. Sweet babies.
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    So sorry for your loss, such gorgeous boys. Hope each day gets a tiny bit easier
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    Awww this makes me so sad but I'm glad they had nice, long and loved lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Thank you all. It means a lot. Iím ashamed to admit this has torn me up more than losing my father. But the dogs loved me unconditionally, my father didnít so there we are.

    The Boys have been cremated but my husband wonít let me see the little ashes caskets yet because he knows Iíll be a mess.

    See? My cold, black heart does have a soul after all.
    I'll PM you links, but I've had jewelry made with some of my fur kids ashes to wear around every now and again. It's nice holding the necklace on my heart in bad times. There are also artists that make great glass paperweights with ashes inside.

    So sorry for your loss. They're still there with you in spirit and free now.

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