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Thread: The Puppoose: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayfulKisses View Post
    Apologies for the editing....but I had to comment on this. I typically hate going to a mall but had to take advantage of the HUGE after-Christmas sales yesterday. One of the stores I visited was Macy's. I was headed for the clothing department when a woman passed by me with a dog on a leash. Wtf...a dog in a department store?? My common sense demanded it must must MUST be an Assisted Living dog or something. Nope, just an idiotic person taking their dog everywhere regardless of the setting~

    Fast forward an hour later. I'm standing in line to pay for my purchases when one of the sales clerks passes by with paper towels and Clorox bleach in hand mumbling quite loudly to no one in particular...'Take that damned dog home'. Yep, the dog had pooped on the floor and the owner was no where to be seen!
    Thats exactly why I have the doggy purse. I am not one of those who would take my dog shopping with me if that was my intended destination, but I do on days when it is nice out like to spend the day with I'll take him to the off leash dog park (which is about a 10 minute drive away...and he has a seatbelt for the car ride) and give him a chance to run like mad and socialize with other dogs...

    Then on the way home I might say "Oh I needed to stop here for this..." or whatever. Thats when he goes in his doggy purse...then I can take him in the store with me, and hes not making messes or bothering anyone because he is contained inside his bag...

    Half the time people dont even know I have him because they think its just a purse, and he is well behaved when he is inside of it...
    Dramatically overdramatic

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    ^^'re one of the responsible pet owners. As I said earlier, I love my 2 babies as though they were human children. They love being with me and cry when I leave the house as if I am never going to return (even when only going to get the mail...LOL). I can understand the circumstances you described if it was not a planned day at the mall and they are contained in some type of carrier to prevent accidents. At least if they have an accident, no one else would be privy to it~

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