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Thread: Police in Connecticut shoot chimp after it attacks woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Wow - that Esquire story is horrific. Sorry to say this but I think the poor guy would probably have been better off dead after those terrible injuries.

    I did laugh (a bit) when the woman tried to stop the attack by saying "Stop! Sit!"
    I agree.
    I get so tired of hearing folks say how survivors of these attacks are 'lucky to be alive'. No, they are cursed. Chimps/apes are likely to rip off a man's genitals, people's hands/feet, and tear their faces right off their faces. It is horrific and absolutely torture to survive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FriendOrFoe View Post
    Just heard that the friend lost both eyes, her nose and her jaw. Not to mention the damage to her hands.
    So she basically has no face at all.

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    You know what really pisses me off about this. They asked the woman if she would do it all over again. And she said, "YES!"... I wanted to punch her. She is a selfish bitch that thinks she has the right to own this animal no matter what it's capable of doing. She is showing no remorse for her friend, that is lying there with no face & probably wishing she was dead. How can anyone say they would do it all over again?
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    This just sucks, poor woman whose life will be utter misery should she be unlucky enough to survive, and poor chimp who was a wild animal and should never, ever have been in this situation.

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    Seriously, google St. James Davis and look at those pictures. It gives you a good idea of what this woman is going through. It's really graphic. Seriously.

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