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Thread: Pig brings traffic on carriageway to standstill so she can feed her piglets

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacific breeze View Post
    Pigs are so intelligent and so cool.
    I have heard they are very smart. GMA had a miniature pig segment the other day, the pigs looked so cute.

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    That is so adorable!

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    Awww what a good mommy!

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    I worked at a boat dock one summer, where a family of mink lived in a recess of the wall. Every morning, the Mum would lead her kits to the water to wash and play and hunt for fish/scavenge. She'd make this neat "BEEP" noise and they would each "beep" back to her, it was like roll call or something! The tourist would try to feed them greasy human foods, and the mother wouldn't eat it, OR let the little ones eat it either!
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    What a good Mom! Cute!

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