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Thread: Pet dog's behavior question

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    awww thats such a sweet story!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Femmefatale View Post
    I did not grow up with dogs so I dont know how to decode behavior but so many of my friends have them and id like to better understand it.

    What does it mean when a dog keeps coming up to you and depositing items by you?

    Here's the backstory

    My friend has an 8mth old puppy who is very playful and friendly. Ive only been around the dog twice and the last time the dog was all lovey dovey with me (nuzzles, etc) and then started to "deposit" items by me.

    I was sitting on a couch and she had a little bone that she brought over to me, placed right next to my leg using its nose to push it against my leg. A few minutes later she brough over an almond shed been chewing on (shes teething) and did the same thing. A few minutes later she sort of "double checked" the items were still there but did not retrive them.

    Please enlighten me if u know why they do this? She did not want to play fetch either and the owner said shed never seen the dog do this before.

    Just anothet gem.

    So you have to grow up with dogs to understand they want to play with you?
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