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Thread: My puppy won't stop eating poop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxmobster View Post
    I also have a friend whose two puppies would eat the eachother's poop. No joke, while one was squatting the other would come up and try to lick that shit straight from the source like soft-serve ice cream...
    2 dogs 1 cup
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManxMouse View Post
    2 dogs 1 cup

    I love my puppy, but it's true she can be a little gross. She took a test lick of her poo last week, and I scolded her as if she had leg-humped the pope.

    Here's hoping it worked.

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    you don't have to know


    One of my dogs just doesn't get it! Do they ever stop?
    I feel evil but I'm considering finding her a new home due mostly to her poop addiction. Not just her poop or my other chi's poop but any poop nugget she happens to cross paths with. Yuck!
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    2 dogs one cup - honestly you folks are brilliant!

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    Hot sauce on the poop works!! However, you have to do it more than once and make sure the dog gets to it before it wears off, which is a pain. But it does work.
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