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Thread: My letter to the editor.. thoughts?

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    Contacting a journo is a very good idea. They are always on the lookout for local interest stories and this one has pathos and the potential for some cute pics of your dog (maybe even you!). You never know, if enough people agree with you it could start a bit of a campaign and an enterprising vet will see a good business opportunity as well as providing an important local amenity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    Opening a 24 hour emergency vet service would be a private venture, based on someone's decision to offer the service to make money. I don't know of any government subsidies to such a facility. I think the letter ought to be more focused on encouraging local vets to consider going 24 hour, or encouraging some new business to do it. That would be a specific solution-focused letter, vs. just talking about how bad the problem is.
    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy View Post
    Even if your town isn't able to support a 24 hour clinic, at the very least, there ought to be one vet willing to see patients after hours in an emergency.
    I agree with you both. It might be worth it to talk to her original vet and convince him to please let her get in touch with him in an emergency and he can charge her extra (normally emergency vets do anyway).

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