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Thread: My Kitty Princess

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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    My kitty can take on all challengers with her eyes closed!

    (Her name is Bette)

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    a backwards hillbilly state


    My cat has his headgear on & is ready to rumble

    Actually, these are my cats, they're both pussies

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    I LOVE that pic Lobes!

    But seriously, though... I have a very, very, very bad cat. He doesn't just bite, he chews. And he has no fear - he chases skunks and raccoons off "his" property, gets all up in their grillz and such.
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    Being Paula


    We had a couple of cats who used to chase down and eat squirrels, fur, bone, guts - the lot. The only evidence left was the tail which they used to leave neatly on the doormat.
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    Cats do not lose their teeth in fights. That is ridiculous.

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    What a funny thread!

    That cat is seriously the ugliest cat I have seen in a long time!

    Mrs.Fenchurch, our cat. Does not approve. She is an intellectual who reads Jung and Neitzche and doesn't approve of her sisters brawling in the streets.

    But seriously, I think that that kind of flat-faced cat is unpleasant to look at, and the fact it has been BRED by humans to look like that even more repellent. The poor little things have all sorts of breathing problems etc because of their bred deformity. Poor little bastards. It's not their fault, I know, but they still make me feel a little queasy.

    She should be on . A collection of pissed-off (and hilarious) cats.

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