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Thread: My dog peed on carpet...i can't get smell out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenks5177 View Post
    my dog peed on the carpet, it happens once in a while, i steam clean it up and no problem except for some reason this time i can't get the smell to go away...what can i do?! any tried and true remedies you can tell me about? this is day 3 of steam cleaning this spot to get the smell to go away. thank you for any help!
    Keep your dog clean! Best is not to let a dog sleep inside or on the furniture.t if you donít let them use a litter tray inside the house, as far as possible. Clean stains as soon as they appear and if you want tour home to smell nice use a burner with essential oil. You can also put some of it on your vacuum's filter or bag.

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    wtf dog pee necrothread
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    Someone really likes cleaning. But only between September 7 and 10 of this year.

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    no posts here yet. Viewing user profile I'm so excited! What sort of cleaning advice will happen here? Seriously though, this smells like spam that hasn't happened yet.

    How do I get Spam out of my carpet? Hmmm
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    I'll go with Grim's year old answer: vinegar.

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    Tried and True-

    1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 regular bottle hydrogen peroxide.

    Mix together and pour on stains, let dry and sweep up when completely dry.
    I have used this on 3 different dark shades of carpet when my cat was old and sick. It works. Do a test spot if you want but it truthfully never removed the color from my carpet.
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    Oh yeah, hydrogen peroxide is amazing at removing stains. And it does not remove color from the carpet. I put it in a spray bottle for spot stains, and right in the carpet shampooer when cleaning the rugs.

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    I have always used a combination of half white vinegar and half water. I squirt it liberally on the spot, and then pat it until most of the moisture is gone. It will smell like vinegar for a bit, but my dog has never went back to the spot. I am lucky, he has only had 3 accidents in almost 9 years.

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