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Thread: My dog passed on New Years Eve

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistify View Post
    Me too,^^ I can barely see the keyboard. Donot know if you guys realize how much that helps but it does.. Thanks and thanks for helping me pay at least a little tribute to him, because he was the best dog in the world to me, I have honestly loved my pets in the past-but it almost seems that he was meant to help me through some really f*cked up times in my life- when I cried this dog would put his head in my lap. There will never be another like him... So thanks guys....

    That's really sweet Mistify. Again I am terribly sorry for your loss.
    Btw, that was meant to be a group hug but the blue guy is looking a bit strange!

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    I'm sorry for your loss. You have every right to feel sadness and anything else you might feel, don't let anyone around you tell you how to feel. Feel better soon, Mistify.

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    I'm so sorry, sweetie. Since I can't put a comfort message as well as other kind fellow board members, I'll limit myself to give you a big cyberhug, send good vibes so you can feel better soon, and pray for the both of you.

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    So sorry about your baby. When my beloved Suki passed 5 years ago my mom and i sat on my couch and cried our eyes out (she being 70 at the time and me being 31). We both agreed that losing her hurt more than losing my dad . The love from a pet is so pure, there aren't any negative emotions mixed in there ( i mean, i loved my dad but you know, HUGE issues...). My other baby just turned 14 and is slowing down but not all pets are created equal. When she goes, i will be sad of course but sometimes there is just that extra special bond. I'm glad there are so many people here who understand your pain and can comfort you.

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    hugs to you, losing a pet is very difficult. hope you feel better soon.

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