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Thread: My Dog is having an operation this week

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    I am so glad he turned out okay. I bet your nerves are a lot less rattled now too.

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    Good to hear it's not something serious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    Isn't that odd? I wonder why they get things like this? Our vet said that we still have to be a bit vigilant about the bumps and get her checked out when we find a new, suspicious looking lump.

    Josie has a pink skin tag on her cheek. We're removing all of her lumps in January. She has a lipoma, that looks like a breast implant, on her side. It's ugly and will eventually effect her movement.

    You know what else...when my Emerz ate the bag of gummies I had in my purse (he went in there!!!!! while I was out) and had to get his tummy x-rayed, the vet said pugs and labs are the only breeds that would get in this kind of trouble, they love food!

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    Aww poor Elmo

    Yes they are so greedy Bella- my black lab, has lost a kilo, she needed to lose a couple so that is good news too.

    Thanks for everyone you gave good thoughts, it was v kind of you

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