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Thread: Manuka the micro pig has a day out in London

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    If I was up your ass you'd know where I am!


    When Crumpet passes on, I'm getting one no matter what. The 20 yr life span is also very appealing.
    Only the good die young.........................
    bitches like me live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    ‘A lot of people couldn’t believe they were seeing this tiny little pig trotting around the city,’
    *waits for the next outbreak of foot & mouth*

    Quote Originally Posted by Belt Up View Post
    I'm so desperate for a micro piggy, almost to the point of broodiness!
    Don't do it - they're treated as farm animals by DEFRA so have a LOT of legistation relating to them.

    For example, they need a walking licence and on trips either need ear tags or their registration numbers written/tattoo on them.... A minefield let me tell you!

    Defra, UK - Search

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