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Thread: I've been adopted by a stray cat

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    I love him!

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    So beautiful!
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    Such a beautiful cat! If he's not Maine Coon he may be a Norwegian Forest Cat. It's wonderful that you're being so good to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elginshel View Post
    Thanks everyone.
    Arwyn's still doing well and has really settled in now. She follows me everywhere and jumps on my knee the second I sit down. She rules our house at the moment though and even the dog doesn't dare mess with her!

    Health wise, She still eats far too fast and makes herself sick a lot, so we've had to cut her down to even smaller meals more frequently. She's going to see our vet next week to get sedated and have the worst of the matted fur shaved off. Some of the knots around her back end are so big and tight they're making her walk strangely, so I think she'll feel a lot better once that's done.
    We also have to find out if she's been spayed and get that done if needed. I just hope we're not too late since she'd obviously been living outdoors for quite some time.

    She's had a few meetings with my other cat and they're getting used to each other now, but I doubt I'll feel safe leaving them alone together for a long time yet. It doesn't take much for her to get pissed off and attack Frodo and despite the fact he's about 3 times bigger than her, she kicks his arse!

    That picture totally needs to be a lolcat but I'm too tired to think of a caption. Her expression is hilarious!!! What a darling little scrapper.

    Thanks so much for giving her a home. It's a hard world for little things.

    All my kitties have found me too. The latest is adorable Arthur. I don't know why we named him that. It just fits, though. He looks a lot like your Arwyn. He's a sweet and affectionate pretty boy who's always falling off things and tripping over his own feet.
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