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Thread: I'm putting my cat down today

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    Curious about what's going on with that boxer. Maybe she hurts somewhere and doesn't want to be touched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    Don't apologise, sweetness. Mitsuko was a rescue herself so she would understand. Almost of all my pets have been rescues. There's just a deeper bond there. Not that I didn't love my dog that was bought in a pet shop for a nominal price (and would have been put down otherwise, most likely), or my other two dogs who had been puppies I chose. But there's just something when an animal ends up coming to you somehow or adopts you instead of the other way around.

    I teared up reading about your doggie. You're so wonderful to adopt him. Keep feeding him and take him to a vet for those ticks and whatever else he might have. Poor baby. I think Midnight is an awesome name. You should definitely post pics, here or in a thread for him. I'm definitely interested in hearing more about him. I'm more of a cat person but I still love dogs very much.

    Speaking of dogs, there is an old boxer dog near my work. Lately she hasn't been looking too good. I always talk to her and pet her a little and she wags (what's left of) her tail. But today when I spoke softly to her and tried to pat her head she got aggressive and snapped at my wrist. She didn't bite me but it felt like a warning and then she started growling and barking at me. It's so bizarre. This dog had been pretty friendly to me before. I'm thinking she's sick and she's feeling insecure. I'll stay away from her, wouldn't want he to hurt me.
    Thanks Yanna.

    I love all animals, but to be honest have always been more of a cat person. Their independence makes them easier to care for. We've got 6 at the moment, each one so different and sweet. We just moved here a few months ago and took in this BIG beautiful orange tom. Neighbors told us he's always just kind of roamed around-- that a couple of years ago his previous owner moved not too far away and tried to take him with her, but he insisted on coming back. His name is Bishop and he has apparently adopted us.

    Midnight is doing fantastic!! Already filling out and starting to show his puppiness now that he's got some energy. Running off with our shoes and the kids' toys. And now he barks when somebody drives up, he knows this is his home now.

    I've decided he has the facial features and head shape of an Irish Setter and also the longer hair on his tail. But he's jet black, very soft, silky and shiny, with just a little bit of white of the tips of his front paws. Precious lil mutt. He's just a total sweetheart.

    Aww and that poor Boxer.... I bet Lobelia is right, she must be in some kind of pain. Please be careful!

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    Alysheba and Sweetness-how wonderful! Love in a furry package.

    Since this thread of Yannas has taken a more hopeful turn, I want to tell you about the Miracle in Louisiana. My sister lives right outside New Orleans. After Katrina, after she and her 2 dogs and her 2 cats had safely returned, her pets died one by one. Every single one. She was heartbroken, we all were for they were magical pets.

    A cat (found in a parking lot at 6 Flags as a tiny kitten) who would sit in front of her dishwasher as it ran, with pure love in his eyes. A cat (left behind without a thought by a neighbor who moved) who would carry on converstions in an earnest manner. He died so suddenly, his little mouth was full of grass.

    Finally both dogs went. Both were rescued after wandering up durning different hurricaines. Both fabulous dogs. None of these pets were very old. It may have been the stress of the long car trips, running away from the storm. She decided no more pets. Too much heartbreak.

    Last year, the Miracle of the Feral Cats started. The Mama Cat was feral, but would eat when they put her bowl out. Sissy knew she was pregnant. One day, no Mama cat, They looked around the houses on their side of the street and found where she had them. They waited a bit to allow them to get bigger, then one day the kitties were gone! She had moved them.

    Sissy called "Here kitty,kitty" and one tiny black kitten wobbled out. They snatched her up and raced to the vet in record time. The vet said maybe 3 weeks and showed them how to bottle feed her. Every 2 hours. She was named Elizabeth.

    Then slowly the other kitties from her litter started appearing at their back door, dining with MamaCat. They were all given names which stuck. Alas, Anna is a boy and Reggie Bush is a girl.

    The vet knew of a Feral Cat Lady who came and assisted. One by one all the kitties (and MamaCat) were hauled to the vet for neutering. On occasion, it was like wrestling baby lions to get them in a cage. One kitty took 4 hours & 3 adults to get caged. All were in good condition, all given shots. They had to remained caged for a short while, which they hated.

    All of them come in the house at will. On rainy days they snuggle in a big pile under her bed. They allow themselves to be patted briefly on the head, but might curl up by your feet. One other kitty with a leg injury has become full time house cat.
    Elizabeth remains Queen.

    They refuse to sleep in the house, so my BIL has set up what my sister calls a tent city on their back patio. It had this winter heating pads, everything a feral cat could dream of.

    Total joy has returned. My BIL gets a roasted chicken weekly (if not 2) and takes all the meat off the bone. The kitties are hand fed. He comes home and rushes out calling "Kids! Daddy's home!" and they run to him from every direction.

    We worried about how my nephews PitBulls would receive them. The Pitts-my sister calls them Brad and Angelina- are also rescues. They are bascially clowns and love sponges, but still. One hears things. When they come to visit, they are terrified of the cats. The cats hide and swat them as they walk by. There is much running about, then they all collapse in a big furry puddle to nap-dogs, house cats and yard cats. My sister's heart runneth over. So does mine.

    Yanna-I have written a book in your thread. If you want me to delete, just PM me and no hard feelings.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    Love and hugs to you Yanna. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Yanna-I have written a book in your thread. If you want me to delete, just PM me and no hard feelings.

    Are you serious? Of course not. As I said. I love hearing stories about rescued pets. I have made it clear to the bf that if we get a dog it will be a rescue. He said that if he ever gets a dog again it will be a collie-border collie mix like his first and one true dog. What are the chances we'll get to rescue that exact mix? I'm not too hopeful. We'll see. I'm not even sure I ever want to have another dog again. Mitsuko turned me into a total cat person.

    I don't know what to think about the old boxer. I just patted her head, didn't seem to hurt her in any way but if she's in pain she might be afraid of that. I've been keeping my distance from her. Her owner is a complete douche. I hope he's taking care of her but I'm not too optimistic.

    Still miss Mitsuko like crazy. My house feels wrong without her.

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