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Thread: I'm getting a little worried: How do you care for an aging dog?

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    Default Re: I'm getting a little worried: How do you care for an aging dog?

    Don't worry Mooms, my Snoop is almost 16 and he's still soldiering on! He's a short, stocky jack russel, as apposed to the long legged springy ones. He's actually built similar to pugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moomies View Post
    My Elmo is actually big all over, too (except his feet, his feet look like rabit's ). We chose the biggest pup from the litter. But the vet has been telling us for many years that he needs to be on a diet and warned us about heart problems etc. But they don't know that Elmo is just big boned! Most pugs are chubby anyways, just like bull dogs and other similar breeds. I guess 20lb is good for now. The vet said to aim for 18-19 but it's close enough. I don't want Elmo to be pugorexic.

    your dog might have diabetes. i feel ur pain, my dog (emmet) is very overweight too.But people like him like that. Hes way cutter like that too.

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