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Thread: How could you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpMeRhonda View Post
    I always say When I hit the lottery I'm gonna.

    Pets are a lifetime commitment.. people need to realize that.

    People in our area bitch and moan about our shelter they screen people and deny some.. Well if it helps to find the animal a forever home..then so be it.
    That's what my sister-in-law did..sort of. Her husband hit the lottery, and she started doing animal rescues. She went to N.O. the day after Hurricane Katrina, and game back with about 15 dogs (and two tortoises with shell rot), and went back like five or six times. She still cries about what she saw down there (she couldn't count how many owners left their dogs chained to trees to drown).

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    That was so sad my eyes are red and puffy now.I'm going to go hug all three of my doggies.

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