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Thread: Help.. Dog licking furniture and pillows obsessively!

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    I have a Jack Russell that is 3 years old and she will lick the sheets until they are wet. I wish I knew why she does this and how to stop her from doing this. Its like having a bed wetter next to you. Thats another thing, she can not stand to have someone sleeping next to me,. It doesn't matter if its my husband or one of the grandkids.
    Does anyone have an ideal of how to stop her from licking the sheets?

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    Katketteris, I've already replied to you in the thread you have started, but I have to say something else to you about your dog's behaviour in being unwilling to tolerate anyone sleeping next to you. She may see it as 'protecting' you but this is dominant behaviour that you need to break. Each time she shows this type of behaviour you need to put her in a 'time out', and make it somewhere that is away from you. You also need to give her a loud, clear "No!" when you do this. The humans in the house are (and always should be) the Top Dogs, not her. Also, combined with what you say about her licking the bed I think it's time for you to break the habit of her coming onto and sleeping on the bed, even if this means making her sleep in a different part of the house. If you allow her dominant behaviour to continue then it will get worse, and how would you feel if she got to the point where she felt justified in snapping at or even biting your husband or one of your grandchildren? Seriously, it's time to to be cruel to be kind and reassert the boundaries between human and dog.

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    I had a Greyhound that licked the couch, bed, pillows, anything that was close by. He did it for years, my Vet did some blood work on him because he thought that there could be some sort of dificiency. But it all turned out normal. I did it up to the day he died, I never figured it out.

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    I just read an article on this. My dog does it as well. The dogs like the way it feels on their tongue. It just feels good to them.

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