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Thread: Heidi, the Cross-Eyed Opossum, Becomes a Star in Germany

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    Paul the octopus is dead and Knut the polar bear is mentally ill. The stars of our zoos never get to see a happy ending.

    Poor Heidi doesn't stand a chance.
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    She's beautiful.

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    Her famous quizzical look has earned her own website, film trailer, and 326,000 fans on Facebook.
    Now Heidi, the opossum whose crossed eyes turned her into an internet superstar, will finally get a chance to meet her public.
    Her handlers at Leipzig Zoo, in Germany, have decided to rehouse her in the zoo's tropical house - and she is set to become the star exhibit.

    What's going on? Heidi, the famous cross-eyed opossum, peers out of her box

    Where am I going? A TV cameraman films Heidi as she is taken to her new enclosure

    Two-year-old Heidi became an international sensation when snaps of her published in a German newspaper appeared on the internet earlier this year.
    But visitors to Leipzig zoo had not been able to see the famous marsupial as she was housed in the zoo's veterinary unit while she battled weight problems.
    Now keepers say she has enjoyed her brush with fame so much she is ready to join other animals in the zoo's tropical house.
    'The attention has had a very positive effect on her,' said one keeper
    'She is healthier, fitter and can't seem to wait to meet her public.'

    Who are all these people? Journalists take pictures of Heidi as she waits to step out of her cage

    Where am I? Heidi inspects her new enclosure

    What's this? Clutching a slice of apple in her jaws, Heidi ambles into her new life

    Heidi's new home will be a tropical themed exhibit, called Gondwanaland, which opens to the public on July 1.
    She was taken to the new enclosure today to become accustomed to her new surroundings before visitors start arriving.
    Zoo officials believe that Heidi's crossed eyes could come from a poor diet when she was young, causing fat deposits to develop behind her eyes.
    But poor vision is not much of a problem for her. As nocturnal animals, opossums rely heavily on their sense of smell rather than sight to get around.

    Read more: Facebook hit Heidi the cross eyed opossum goes to a new home | Mail Online

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    the fuck? Why are they letting all those cameras in her face? And the "star exhibit?" Yeah, possums LOVE the attention all right....that's why they play dead when they come across any humans. Goddamnit, you Germans need to hold your crappy zoos accountable.
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    That thing must feel like one of the Olsen twins.
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    What a cutie!
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    Her little crossed-eyes are all blood-shot from all the camera flashes!! Poor thing!

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    you already know.


    that is so sad! poor guy doesn't know the whole world is making fun of him

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