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Thread: Is this haunting picture proof that chimps really do grieve?

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    I wanna cry now.
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    Anyone who has watched Chimp Eden (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?!) knows this.

    OMG, I never even cared that much, or knew that much about chimps before that show but I learned so much.

    speaking of which- it needs to be renewed for a 3rd season!

    On another note, I think all dog owners know that dogs grieve as well. I have so many stories to prove it. For example, I adopted a puppy when I was 18, but he was not suited to living in an apartment. For 2 yrs, I did my best to give him exercise (coming home from work on lunch breaks to walk him, etc.) and stimulation but it wasn't enough. Eventually I realized he needed a huge area to run in and playmates, and my parents took him in. It broke my heart, but he has thrived there, where he has a few acres to romp on with other dogs.

    Yet whenever I visit, he always remembers me, despite being away for 5+ yrs. At night, he won't sleep anywhere but at the foot of my bed. And when I visit and then leave, my parents have to leave my (former) bedroom door open for weeks bc he'lll scratch and scratch and scratch until let back in. he pulls all the sheets and blankets up to make a nest and sleeps there for about week. He does this everytime I visit. Breaks my damn heart. i never meant to make the lil guy so sad.
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    awww. I think that the more intelligent species do grieve. Even pets grieve over their "masters' I have actually seen it.
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    Very touching picture...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    I do think animals feel just as much, if not more sometimes, than people do.

    RIP, Dorothy.
    Anyone who has lost a pet and had another one left behind will have witnessed that animals feel a loss much as we do. I've known of people who have had to work very hard to keep the remaining cat or dog interested in life once a companion passes on, and I know that whenever I have even seperated one of my cats from the others for a vets trip the others all rush to see them when I bring them home. Also, when I was spending weekends away I used to have to leave them a jumper or something that I'd been wearing otherwise housemate said he would get no peace at all. We should never underestimate the emotional intelligence of animals.

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