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Thread: 'Giant George': the 7ft-long blue great dane who could be the world's tallest dog

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    They are such a gentle breed of dog. Giant George is a very handsome boy and my husband would love one just like him. I'd love a Pomeranian, so we'll just have to compromise somewhere in the middle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    I'd hate to have to scoop his shit that's for sure.

    we had a neighbor who owned a great dane. That guy had to clean up shit twice a day, because, well, they were just huge loads. blech.
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    Holy Cow/Dane!!

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    Aww.....he's probably a big baby. Most large dogs are. I grew up with German Shepherds and now have a German Shepherd Rottweiller mix (who thinks she's still a puppy).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    WTF? He is huuuge! That first picture doesn't even look real. He's gorgeous though.
    I think the first picture is distorted, the legs on the guy look way out of proportion to the rest of his body.

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    I've read that the Hound of the Baskervilles was based on a Great Dane and I believe it, except of course the personality is all wrong. George looks like such a sweetie...I love huge dogs.
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    It's Marmaduke! What a gorgeous boy! I wonder what the weekly dog food bill is like.
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    OMG he is so big but so cute!! I love great danes.
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