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Thread: Dogs dumped because they didn't go with the sofa

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    It's either you or the dog -- someone's getting spayed, is what the policy should be.

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    My Pug came from a shelter, she was 1 year old and healthy and the best dog you could want!
    There's a special, extra bad place, in hell for those who mistreat animals and kids!

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    What's round on the ends and high in the middle?


    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    Do all sizes of dogs get dropped in teh night deposit box? How about cats? I'd worry a little dog or cat could get killed in there.
    There are 4 spaces. You put the dog or cat in from the outside and once the door is closed it's locked so only one animal can be put in at a time. It leads to an inside area where there is food and water.

    There are 4 spaces and a sign stating one animal per drop box so there haven't been any issues so far.

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    In the area where I live, there are so many stray dogs that they run in packs. Almost every day on my drive to and from work, I will see at least one dead animal on the road. It's not just adult dogs either. One morning there was a dead puppy on the side of the road...I felt like finding it's irresponsible owner and hitting them with my car. If I had the money, I would open my own private animal shelter in my area. It is SOOOOO needed.
    I'm not quite drunk enough to really care, but is this her violation of her violation of her violation of her violation of probation or her violation of her violation of her violation of her probation????? ~MontanaMama on LL's latest arrest.

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