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Thread: Dog reunited with owner after Alabama tornado

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    Awww that pic is very sweet

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    i went to do tornado cleanup from the jan 23 storms that hit the clay/pinson area.. just horrific the level of damage.. that THAT tornado was only an F3!! it was overwhelming to see up close like that

    i moved from fultondale, AL to shelby county a few year back.. fultondale got hit by tornado on april 27 of last year.. the apt i had been living in was destroyed and the building where i worked was totally destroyed as well.. i would have been home with my daughter at the time the storm hit if i had still been living there.. we got debris from the tuscaloosa tornado too here at my house.. it was swirling in the air on the 27th.. leaves, papers, plastic pieces, etc..

    tornado season is just getting warmed up here

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    I remember the last time I drove to B'ham on 65 when I got into Shelby Co. I started seeing the HUGE light poles on the on/off ramps twisted like they were made of taffy. It was scary to think what whipped through there.

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    We could be getting this same kind of violent storms late this afternoon. I am already planning to grab Mother and head to the laundy room. No windows, garage on one side, big hall on the other. This house was built to hurricaine specs, can withstand up to 175mph, according to the building inspector. I can even shove Mother in the front load washer, so if I vanish send someone to find her!
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