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Thread: Dog-Job

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    ^That's so nasty. lol
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waikiki View Post
    Oh well I agree with you Allie. I don't think this is the wrong section: why should it be? Why should this topic be taboo? It shouldn't be only because it's disgusting.

    I'd ask your friend too, because it sounds so weird... and in addition I am very curious now! Anyway I don't know if he'll tell you the truth... uhm... he may realize he confessed you a very very very sad thing.

    True or not, we should talk about this sex with animals thread anyway IMO... I mean, why not to express how sick a dog-job is?? Poor doggie!!

    PS: Allie your boyfriends really are a little weird
    OMGz I completely forgot about this thread until Saturday night when I was hanging out with him, I logged on here to show him that "My ANUS IS BLEEDING" youtube clip grimm put up, and after we watched it he started to scope the entire website... I was paranoid to the very marrow in my bones that he would stumbled upon this and go "heeeeey!" but he didn't.
    I haven't said anything to him and I think I'm just good to be in the dark forever about it.

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