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DeChayz, was there any opposition in your town, or is it just something that's accepted? Just curious.

Re deer vehicle accidents, I agree with you all that it's a definite issue. I've had a handful of near-misses over the years, one that was particularly frightening. But those are on the State roads and highways, when cars are traveling at higher speeds.

This is something that should be handled on a State level, but as long as the hunting dollars rule, it's all lip service and collateral damage to them. They'll set up Urban Kill Zones with special antlerless (doe) permits to address the "problem," but when they sell 250,000 permits per year and only 150,000 deer are bagged, that leaves a lot of unhappy hunters and they don't want unhappy hunters.

btw, accidents in my town are very very rare, our speed limits are 20-25 MPH. Yes, I've had to stop to let them cross the road, but I've never come close to hitting one. I've actually seen them look both ways before crossing! They are quite used to living among humans now.

Oh, and sorry for rambling; I know way too much about this subject now, and the more I know the more it pisses me off. Deerfesto!
As I've said before I live in a rural area - hence most roads are usually 2 vehicles wide (or "1 tourist vehicle wide") - and that included the large delivery vehicles to the local farms, schools, etc. The roads are windy & we tend to do 40 mph on them. BUT, there there are the deer, who are smaller than the hedges (impossible to see), and stupid, because all they're thinking of is getting into the field over the road. I've had a number of near misses in the last few years because we never know when they're going to be in the road. You can go 2 summers without seeing any then miss 3 in one day......