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Thread: Cute kittens with 'fainting goat' syndrome

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    That's so sad!

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    I'm devastated to report the death of the second kitten, charlie. He died in my arms this evening- 30th October 2010. Any suggestion that we mistreated these two beautiful animals is repulsive. They were like gods to us. May they rest in peace - I had prepared this second film which is now dedicated to them both. goodbye charlie and goodbye spike, we love you. x

    ... I am lost for words
    Sunday 31/10 - I'm devastated to report that Charlie (tabby cat ) died in my arms last night. we are in a state of shock and disbelief at this. During the short time we had them, both Charlie and Spike touched our lives in a way that we never expected. We had a plan for treatment with drugs, approved by the Royal Veterinary College at Potters Bar, but there was a worry that any side effects might be fatal while the boys were so small. We were due to start on monday. I had prepared a second film which I have now posted to youtube dedicated to their memory. thanks again for all the kind comments you have posted. Ed & Becky x

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    That is just heart breaking!

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    Aw, poor l'il guys. I guess it's not surprising though; their systems were likely compromised in more ways than just the fainting. So cute.
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