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Thread: Cool pics of dogs underwater

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    Quote Originally Posted by LovelyHoney View Post
    Those are soo freaking cutee!!! hahaaaa some look pretty vicious hahaaa but all in all very very cute!!! <3 Wish that he could take pics of dogs trying to get rocks out of a river hahaaa so hilarious!!!
    My ex's sister had a dog who was blind and he used to find stones/toys thrown into his paddling pool by feeling around with his feet. It was really cool to watch and a great example of how animals can adjust to the loss of one of their senses.
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    I think I saw these on one of the newspaper websites, possibly Daily Malice. I love them, they're so cool.
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    Lol, these are great!

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    Similar: clip of (other?) dogs in and under water

    and the making of:

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