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Thread: Cats or Dogs

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    My cats are such high maintenance attention whores. If they want attention, they will hunt me down and whine and trap me until I coddle them. If I want to coddle them, they pretty much tell me to eff off. And they fight for a place in the coddling line. They are super jealous of one another and will frequently walk up to their other cat, lift their front paw and shove the other one out of the way.
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    I do have to say that my baby seems to prefer the cat! The cat lets her pet him, the dog licks the babies toes and waits for her to drop food. When the baby wants to pet the dog, he runs. He knows she hasn't mastered "gentle" yet

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    I don't like dogs one bit. The only one I would ever consider owning is a pug, but I doubt I ever will get another dog. I'm a cat person, all the way. I don't need to plan my whole day around my cats, they don't track their own shit around the house (like one of my dogs did on numerous occasions), they don't drool on everything or stink up my furniture, and they're loving but don't need to be constantly around me. Dogs are just too annoying.

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    I'm a cat girl. I like that my cats want me, as opposed to them needing me. They don't need constant attention, they sure want it though.

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    Dogs, anytime.
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    I voted cats but I love both. I have 9 cats and 4 dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dowcat View Post
    I voted cats but I love both. I have 9 cats and 4 dogs.
    wow. you should be dogcat not dowcat.
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    i voted 'cannot choose' because although i have a cat i adore, i grew up with both and truly love dogs too. at this point in my life though i couldn't have a dog because they require too much time and attention whereas on days i know i'm going to work late, i don't have to worry about my kitty and i can just leave him enough food and water for the day and know he'll be perfectly fine even though he will demand extra attention after being left alone all that time.
    but if i ever live in a house again i would definitely get a dog. and more cats.
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    Cats and dogs for me, thanks. I cannot choose.

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