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Thread: Cat question, please help if you can

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    You mentioned those self-cleaning boxes. Do you still have them now? I have a cat who refused to go to the bathroom in those. I was seriously getting annoyed that he kept going in other room, and soI removed the self-cleaning cat box (1 of 2 new factors in the house). He started going back into the regular cat box.

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    I still have the self-cleaning boxes, but replaced them 2 weeks ago, in a desperate attempt to rule out anything/everything in the house that could be causing the problem.

    I'll probably move them back in, cuz nothing has changed, and they are so much nicer. There is still urine around the floor near the box. I think somebody has a UT problem or else one cat just pees sideways.

    I know for a fact that one cat will NOT use a box with a lid, so that's not an option.
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