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Thread: Cat owner teaches her five felines to kitty paddle in garden pool

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    ^^ LeRoy, my black cat, does that. He will also occasionally swat at the glass door while literally screaming. I think he's trying to rescue me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KristiB View Post
    I have a Maine Coon too and she LOVES water. I think it's the breed because I've heard other MC owners say the same thing.

    I have to shut the door when I take a bath because she'll try to get in with me. I usually let her in the shower though.

    The little shit also learned to work the faucets and flush the toilet(to watch the water go down) so all bathroom doors are shut and she's locked in my room when I'm not home.
    I had a cat that liked to sit next to the bath/shower when I was using it. The first time I had a bubble bath she jumped in & expected to stay on the bubbles.... it was funny trying to catch her & get her out before she scratched me... she never did it again!

    My cat now is learning to use my laptop. I have a Dell for work & recently he was sat on my knee while I was writing a report when all the windows opened... I couldn't work out what was going on until I looked down & saw one grey paw on the touchpad, circling and one paw on the buttons clicking away. My boss has offered to employ him as he thinks that the cat will be more efficient that our contractors..... LOL!
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    My cat is weird because she loves the bathroom and the bathtub but she doesn't like water. She sits there and watches the toilet as it flushes. She play with the water as it drips out of the faucet but fuck if she's going to be diving into a bathtub full of water anytime soon.

    BTW, she says that her cats swim 2 or 3 times a summer, but I think she throws them in to show people a lot more than that (like a pet trick) and I don't particularly believe they are swimming on their own volition.
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