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Cali-do not lose heart! I am so glad you have the puppy and cannot believe this mauling! Does your dog park have a big dog section and an under 30 pound section like ours?
Poor baby. Let him get all well, give him treats and get him back out there to socialize. He will get through this. Of all the luck! More hugs.
They don't but I need to find one!

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As for the pup, he'll come around again. I can't help thinking what would happen to the little guy if he was with someone other than you. Because you won't give up on him and others might. He's a lucky boy.
Thank you. That was so impossibly sweet of you to say.

He is doing SO much better. He came out of the skittish stage after a few days. And now its almost comical- he's got all these bright purple stitches on his neck and face but not even a week later and he's bouncing off the walls. Like he doesn't even know he's got stitches. And he's eating his medicine like a champ. At first, he was picking them OUT of the pill pockets and I was thinking he was too smart for his own good. Solution: HALF a pill pocket and he downs it in one swallow.

Thanks everyone for all your support. This has been a helluva few weeks. Thanks for all the support and well-wishes.