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Thread: Boarding Question

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    Dogs are more social creatures than cats and seem to handle the boarding experience better. My dog looves the kennel. It's like camp. He participates in barking contests and does a pretty good job charming the socks off of the kennel staff. All I have to say is "Let's go to the kennel" and he's barking my ear off in the car, as if to say, "Are we there yet, I can't wait"! He comes home hoarse, tired and happy.

    DeChayz, can you pay someone, like a critter sitters type service, to go to your house a couple times of day and take care of the cats?

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    Good news - one of the guys from the shelter volunteered to house/cat sit while I'm away. He's been there as long as I have, so he knows my boys and has given my big boy his meds before, and I know HIM, so I trust him to stay at my place. I feel SO much better now that I know they'll be well taken care of, and I'll be able to actually relax on vaykay!
    Thanks to all for your input & taking time to share your experiences.

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    Excellent news!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Bring on the vacation!
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    ^^exactly what I was going to suggest!

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