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Thread: Bizarre groomed and pampered poodles

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    Crumpet. THANK YOU! It's so refreshing to find someone who is NOT IGNORANT about creative grooming.
    These dogs are well loved, and so well taken care of. They do NOT know what they are suppose to look like. They also don't know or care what color they are. It's not the other dogs that pick on them, it's only the humans. Poodles are high maintenance breeds and need groomed very regularly. We usually just incorporate this into their regular grooming schedule, over several months. If the dogs don't like it, we don't groom that dog creatively. You can't do this to a dog that doesn't enjoy grooming.
    We aren't trying to do this to you dog. These dogs are owned by groomers. My own dog had been through 2 other homes before he came to me. He was unwanted. Those of you who think the dogs are ashamed in some way, have obviously never met one of these dogs, or you would know they are not. They do everything any other dog does, they just do it in color. The dyes are not harmful. I know several groomers with past creative dogs who have lived longer than their average life expectancy, and never had any problems because of the coloring. These dogs will never be matted, never want for food, never be tied outside, never be abandoned. They are beloved members of the groomers families and our partners in creative grooming.

    The PONY, whose name is Silas not SAM, just happens to be MY dog. the SAM on his front leg is for my cousin who died of Adrenal Cancer. He was 6 months younger than me, and died at age 33. He left behind 2 children, a wife, a mother and father, 1 sister, 2 brothers and 26 cousins. We were all devastated by the loss, and this was my way of honoring him. The yellow flowers above the lavender cancer ribbon were for hope that my other cousin Pav would make it through his rare blood cancer. He is now in remission.
    They are done for grooming show, that have RULES that must be followed. They even get a break in the middle of the grooming to go potty. They come in the ring, pretty predone, but you do scissor them onstage and can add some color or shading with things like non-toxic blow pen. Most of the work is done before.
    I don't care if you think my dog is silly looking, and I DON'T have too much free time, I make time for this. But please don't say this is cruelty, because nothing could be further from the truth.

    And here is MY personal favorite than I have done. We sang "I want to rock and roll all night, and groom dogs every day". It's the same dog as the pony.

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