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Thread: Any cat lovers here?

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    Thank you all for your hugs. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I have that awful gloomy feeling that I know will open up to tons of tears. He's the old kitty I was just talking about here days earlier. I need to ramble a bit. Somehow it feels like it will make me feel better.

    I adopted him when he was 3 from a little girl whose parents were divorcing and she and Mom went to live with the grandparents. They made this BEAUTIFUL Persian stay outside due to the grandmother's allergies. My Himalayan(sp) had just died unexpectedly and everyone knew how upset I was at the time. So into the office one of my staff walked one day with this huge orange Persian that not only looked exactly like cartoon Garfield but was named Garfield as well. I didn't think I wanted another kitty so soon. My heart was still hurting so. But this big guy won my heart immediately. He began 'talking' to me and would not stop. He had this deep husky meow that matched his size but defied his personality. He was so gentle~ I still had my baby at home, also one I've spoken about here....the jalepeno eater Well, Garfield marched in with me that evening and completely made himself at home. There was no partioning off for him. He would have none of it. He always took a backseat to Licorice since he knew who was King...but he definitely became the prince.

    Garfield was an old man who had lived a long happy life. But I was not ready to see him go. I'm going to miss him terribly~

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    PlayfulKisses, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, it's so hard isn't it? I lost my oldest dog last May and a month later my oldest cat died too - glad 2007 is over.

    I've got 2 cats left both British Shorthairs, one is cream and white and enormous and the other is a red tabby. They both love my remaining dog and like to lie on the floor next to him, I'm sure they both think that they are actually dogs!

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    Sorry about losses.....but there are always plenty of new cats who need your love. Don't worry....they'll find YOU. They choose YOU!
    "You can't date your fuck buddy."

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