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Thread: Animal lover spends 7,500 on surgery for cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkur View Post
    Yay animals! I forked over some dough for a pet and saw some rolled eyes in response like it was a waste of money. If people can buy fucking Hummers, then I can use my money to care for another living, loving being.
    Exactly. How many of those dumbasses have wasted money on strippers, drugs, or disposable toys that Snotleigh and Brattums will get tired of in two days and never play with again? How much for overpriced cars, like you said? Everyone gets to decide how they spend their money and they need to keep their traps shut about how other people spend theirs. If I don't owe you money and I'm not on the dole you shouldn't give a rip about what I pay for.

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    People are stupid!! We paid a bundle to have our hyperthyroid cat cured (radioactive iodine) and heard really stupid remarks. One moron told me "you could have helped children with the money, why did you waste it on a cat". I got pissed and told him exactly what I thought of his opinion. We are no longer on speaking terms.

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    They are our kids. You gotta do whatever you can.

    And I agree people spend money on much more stupid things everyday.

    But it does piss me off when vets give false hope and drain people only to have the pet die. If there is no hope say that. Luckily that has never happened to me. My vet is vet truthful, when my 16 year old cat had breast cancer he told me nothing would help her.. so I did what I had to do.

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