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Thread: To All the Pets I've Loved Before...

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    Here's a couple of stories about a dog.

    My father loved beagles like the Queen of England loves corgis. His life wasn't complete without at least one beagle in the vicinity. Beagles, if you've never spent time around one, can be very, very loud little beasties. They're also very, very, ahem, "motivated" by food.

    There was a cat outside, or maybe a rabbit, or maybe someone walked down the street who had the aroma of lunch on their breath, I don't remember. But, the beagle was very interested. She was tearing around the living room, baying and flinging herself at the front door until my grandmother had ENOUGH and ordered the dog banished to the back yard. The dog did not want to go, and fought, dragged her paws, and whined every inch of the way, but in the end, the humans won.

    Or so we thought.

    Once outside, the beagle knocked the door covering the crawlspace under the house away, went under, parked herself under the floor heater, threw her head back, and BAYED at the top of her lungs. For hours. Nothing, not even food this time, could coax her out. That dog wanted her revenge. It was suggested that I, as a small child, could crawl under there and drag her out. Um, no. There were spiders under there.

    Bonus multimedia of just what kind of racket a beagle can make:

    Same beagle, a couple of years later. It was my birthday, we were eating pizza in the living room while my cake was sitting on the kitchen table. Suddenly, we realized we hadn't seen that dog for a while, and that things were suspiciously quiet. Now, the beagle knew that jumping on the table was the doggy equivalent of stepping on the red lava tiles. Instant death. But, she found a loophole. She was sitting on the kitchen chair, with her neck extended as far as it would go, excavating the side out of the cake with her tongue. She never even touched that table.
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    Growing up we had a beautiful black female German Shepherd named Reefer. She started out as my aunt's dog and that's how she got her name. My aunt traded a dime bag of weed for her. My aunt found herself in an abusive marriage and Ree Ree, as we HAD to call her would come to my aunt's defense every time. He knew hurting Ree would make my aunt see red and one time he doused her with gasoline. That was final straw for Ree Ree, she ripped his arm open enough that it required over a thousand stitches. Good girl!! Too bad it wasn't his fucking throat.

    When they would fight, we'd come home to Ree waiting at our door to spend the night. Eventually the night turned into days and after the gasoline incident, she came and never left. My aunt eventually skipped out to Florida with only the clothes on her back and Ree became ours. These were the days in our neighborhood where you could open the door, let the dog out for the day and bring them in for the night... without fail Ree would find us at the beach and "save" us from drowning. She'd walk us to school in the mornings and meet us in the schoolyard at 2:45 to walk us home. Wherever I was, Ree found me. I was definitely her girl. We slept together, I would lay on her while watching tv on the floor. I just adored her and she adored me. My mom has tons of pics where me and Ree are up to no good together or cuddled up somewhere in our own little world.

    And without fail, Ree would find herself pregnant. (Also the days where spay/neuter wasn't so common). She'd have a littler of 9-12 every time and boy was she a terrible mother. She'd have her litter and that would be all she did for them. I remember endless nights of bottle feedings. On the plus side, she was such a good girl that all her pups easily found good homes with people we knew. Her line actually continues to this day- my parents' neighbor has what is her probably her 6x grandpuppy.

    I'll never forget how we lost her. My mom took us to visit family in PA and my dad stayed home. He called one night that when he came in from work Ree Ree had accidents all over the house and she was just laying on the couch (which she never did) looking really unwell. He loaded her up to the emergency vet where she was diagnosed with bone cancer throughout her entire body. He had to decide on the spot how to take care of her and it was best that he let her go peacefully. He told us he and my grandfather cried like babies as they held her, kissed her and told her how much we all loved her. How sorry he was that her little humans couldn't be there to give her last kisses and comfort.

    I was nine and cried my heart out for days. 30 years later, I'm crying as a I type this with a giant smile. I miss her every day but she gave a little girl so much love and joy- she's the reason I love dogs. She was patient, and brave and so smart. Just a good girl. I always believed she wanted until I was away to show her pain and cross the Rainbow Bridge. And I'm certain I'll see her again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azoria View Post
    the guineas would go right back to his driveway to stare at their reflections in his hubcaps,
    Something in their primitive little brains loves shiny things. Our guineas and bronze turkeys would always peck at the decorative metal bits on my boots too.
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    My sister had a cute doggie that wandered up to her house after a hurricane in Louisiana. That dog fell into a fabulous life!
    They all adored her,but she did have one flaw. When any one came to visit, she would rush up and shove her nose straight into the visitor's crotch. Then she would fall over backwards like OMG!! and leave rapidly while my sister tried to distract the insulted visitor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    ("you wanted a stool sample, here it is, and you can keep the towel!")
    I remember when I first got Alice and noticed her problems with pooping. About a year after I got her, she was staying at the cattery while I went away for teh weekend. The cattery was run by the vet, so we hoped that they'd be able to see a clear stool sample (not tainted by cat litter when I brought it in) and have a better idea about what was going on.

    Alice refused to poop in the strange place. she was there Thursday night to Monday morning, and just refused. Nope. No pooping was happening.

    The vet was explaining this to me in the examination room when the cattery nurse brought Alice down in her carrier.... then we noticed a smell. Alice had decided she couldn't wait any longer, and was crouched in The Pose Of Pooping (y'know - that ultra serious face, tense body posture... always makes me laugh. She looks like such a dork.)

    "Well - there's your stool sample."

    [Vet, trying not to breathe because of the smell] "She certainly has very smelly bowel movements. That's not normal!"

    "Oh. This is actually nowhere near as smelly as she normally is..."


    "Yes! Now you know what I'm concerned."
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    Charmed, your story brought tears to my eyes. I get so emotional over dog/animal stories.

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    charmed - i just got tears in my eyes and something in my throat as well. i am so happy you had such a special bond with ree...she deserved it!
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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