The only advice I have is to find a good trainer. That is the only way to live happily with a dog.
I live next to some really irresponsible dog owners, dogs barking all the time, don't listen to "come" or "stay" or any basic commands.
If you are putting your dog in an apartment you need to teach it when it is appropriate to bark.
I own a Sheltie, they are notorious barkers, mine does not bark, at all.
My neighbors don't get it when I complain about their barking dogs, they look at me blankly when I tell them "Look, I trained my dog, so that you don't have to hear it barking, would you fucking train yours please?"

Train your dog, then it won't piss on your floors, it won't chew up your rug, it won't chew up your shoes, it won't bark constantly when you are gone, it won't beg at the dinner table, etc.