Chaka the Tibetan mastiff sniffs around on the St. John River on the weekend. (CBC)
Chaka the Tibetan mastiff has finally been rescued after spending much of last week wandering the thinning ice of the St. John River since running away from her new home in Oromocto, N.B.
Animal control officer Angie Phillips captured Chaka Tuesday off Riverside Drive in Fredericton with the help of a live animal trap and a home-cooked ham.
"Probably about 15 or 20 minutes after we left the trap down there, with the ham in it, the dog went in to get the ham and it closed behind it. [We] were able to walk down onto the shore and retrieve the dog crate with the dog in it, and proceeded to take it to one of the veterinary clinics," Phillips said.
The 14-month-old dog had spent days avoiding would-be rescuers along the river from Fredericton to Oromocto.
Chaka refused rescue attempts on Friday. She had been walking the St. John River for four days. (CBC)
On Monday, the Fredericton Fire Department had given up trying to rescue the dog.
"The dog has run out of ice in our area, and was moving downriver on Sunday," said fire department spokesman Bob Martin.
"[She] went down well past Jesse's Landing, and way down. Then we got another report it had moved back up. But it has to move down now if it's going to stay on the ice. We just don't have the ice any more," he said.
Chaka is now being checked over by a veterinarian.
The Quebec breeder will be taking the dog back, and will give her owner in Oromocto a new puppy in her place.
The owner purchased the dog two days before it ran off.

River-running dog finally rescued near Fredericton with help of ham