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Thread: Dog undergoes 'longest operation'

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    Default Dog undergoes 'longest operation'

    Punch the Staffordshire Bull Terrier ran in front of a van

    A dog is recovering after undergoing the longest operation ever carried out by a PDSA team in Edinburgh. Nine-month-old Punch, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was hit by a van after running out of the front door of his owner's city home and on to the road.
    He broke his shoulder in three places and was kept in intensive care until he was strong enough for the operation.
    The broken bone was put back together using orthopaedic wire and pins during the four-and-a-half-hour operation.
    Following the surgery, Punch's leg was placed in a sling bandage to restrict his movement so he could heal properly.
    Five days later he was allowed to go home, but had to return twice a week to have his bandage changed and to check his progress.
    Punch spent the next six weeks hobbling on three legs while his injuries healed, but he has now been given the all-clear.
    PDSA veterinary surgeon Andrew Hogg said: "Punch's injuries were extremely serious. The impact of the van had broken his scapula (shoulder blade) into three pieces.

    An x-ray shows how pins were inserted into Punch's shoulder blade

    "Without surgery he wouldn't have been able to walk again and might have lost his leg altogether."
    Mr Hogg added: "Punch's operation was one of the most complex I've ever done and the longest the team at Edinburgh PetAid hospital have ever undergone."
    They had to use orthopaedic wire and pins to piece everything back together, and Mr Hogg added that if they had made one wrong move they might have had to amputate Punch's leg.
    His owner, Evelyn McPherson, said her son had been "distraught" after the accident in January.
    She said: "Punch was just lying in the road covered in blood and howling in pain.
    "His face was cut and he was in a really bad way. We were terrified we might lose him."
    Mrs McPherson took him straight to Edinburgh PDSA PetAid hospital, where the veterinary team gave him painkillers and fluid therapy to stabilise him and reduce his pain.
    Once he was in a stable condition the staff X-rayed him and discovered that his shoulder blade was broken.

    BBC NEWS | Scotland | Edinburgh, East and Fife | Dog undergoes 'longest operation'

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    Poor baby.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    Bless his heart. He's a pretty boy.

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