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Thread: Beijing Panda Reserve!

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    Default Beijing Panda Reserve!

    I got this in an email forward today and had to share! I hope its ok to post. They are too cute and the captions are so funny!

    These photos were taken in China .... Beijing the Panda Reserve...too cute...

    OK mum, you can come and get me down now!!

    I'm the king of the world!

    Look deep into my eyes... You are feeling sleepy...

    Kung Fu Panda...bring it on!

    On the count of three, lift

    Does my butt look big on this log?

    Peek a boo!


    Just nappin'

    Wasn't me, I didn't steal this bamboo shoot, it was just sitting here!

    Panda aerobics...and so tiring..

    Finished mum! I licked the bowl clean.

    Have I got milk on my face?

    Paparazzi, let me at 'em! If I could just get through this glass I'd wreck those cameras!

    Yeah well, you started it, now go away and leave me alone!

    Nap time

    Oh heck, now how am I going to get down from here?

    Naughty Panda, time out corner.

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned...


    Panda Tai Chi

    Ahhhh, just contemplating life...
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    I can't see the pics

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    Nor me

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    aw no pics!
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