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Video: Dog rescued from icy river

NBC News Channel
Published: January 23, 2009

Indianapolis Fire crews rushed to help a canine in crisis Wednesday afternoon after she became trapped on part of the frozen White River.
Loose and on the run for two days, Biscuit’s freedom quickly vanished when the two-year-old Great Pyrenees got trapped in the middle of the river.
Todd Dietz spotted the dog and called 911.
“I said this is not a people emergency. It’s a dog emergency and I don’t know whether you’ll respond to that or not.“
Members of the Indianapolis Fire Department did respond.
“Not only being humane to save the animal, but also to prevent civilians or non-trained people trying to attempt the rescue,“ said firefighter Rick Hines.
It all happened while Biscuit sat shivering, looking bewildered and bleeding.
Among the worried onlookers on shore was the couple who said they just got Biscuit Sunday through Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue.
“She was with us about 24 hours before she bolted,“ said Judy McDonald.
Judy and Jack McDonald were fostering the dog when she took off from Broad Ripple Park.
“Every time you’re driving around all you do is look for her,“ said Judy. “She just wasn’t about to be caught.“
Then came the spotting that was unmistakable.
“A few minutes ago someone called,“ said Judy. “Saw her on Channel 13 and he called us immediately. She is bewildered. She’s very confused, but we are just very grateful to see her again.“
The relief returned to worry as the rescue got tricky.
“I thought if I could get that pike pole around his collar, I could move him forward,“ said firefighter Rick Hines. “He started moving away from me.“
But after an hour, the situation looked brighter.
The crowd on shore applauded Hines’ efforts.
After snagging Biscuit with the pole and pulling her half onto his pontoon, firefighters on shore pulled them to safety through the freezing water and broken ice.
“It was all I could do to hold the dog,“ said Hines.
That was especially true when Biscuit got on shore.
“It’s remarkable how great people are when it comes to animals,“ said Judy, who thanked Hines.
Biscuit is facing several surgeries that will likely cost in the thousands.
She may have been hit by a car before she ended up on the ice.
Once they get her well, and well-trained, Biscuit will be up for adoption and looking for a good home.

Dog rescued from Icy River