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Thread: Hen adopts puppies

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    Default Hen adopts puppies

    A hen in China has reportedly adopted two orphaned puppy dogs after their mother died.

    Owner Cao Fengying, of Majiaqiao village, Jiashan town, says the hen was best friends with the puppy's mother.
    But the dog was poisoned just ten days after giving birth to puppies, reports Today Morning.
    Cao said: "The hen and the dog had been friends for two years. They would never fight but just play together.
    "I thought the puppies would die after their mother went but the next morning I discovered that the puppies had gone missing.
    "Then I heard the hen clucking in her coop. I looked over and saw that the little puppies were underneath the hen."
    The hen now looks after her adopted children, defending them if anyone approaches and letting them eat first at meal times.
    "Once I even saw the hen fight off several other chickens which were trying to steal the puppies' food," added Cao.
    Villagers say they can't understand why a hen would be so protective of two puppies - but Cao believes she is simply doing right by her late friend.

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    Aww-that is just too sweet for words.
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    Another example of mothering instincts kicking in, no matter what the species. How great!!
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