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Thread: Rare male ducks fall for each other

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    Default Rare male ducks fall for each other

    Blue ducks Ben and Jerry at the Arundel Wetland Centre in West Sussex

    Keepers at a British bird sanctuary are losing hope that a rare species of duck will propagate after two male ducks introduced to the last female of their kind in the country have paired off with each other instead .
    Ben and Jerry are blue ducks, part of a species that originated in New Zealand. The two were introduced to a female named Cherry at Arundel Wetland Centre in Sussex, England, in hopes that one would mate with her, but so far they seem to prefer each other's company.
    "They stay together all the time, parading up and down their enclosure and whistling to each other as a male might do with a female he wants to mate with," said Paul Stevens, a warden at Arundel, to the Telegraph.
    Stevens said that the two male ducks have become an attraction at Arundel, with visitors coming from all over the country to see them.
    Ben and Jerry's relationship may be good for business at Arundel, but it's not good news for their species: There are just 2,500 blue ducks left in their native New Zealand, the Daily Express reports .
    According to TV wildlife expert Chris Packham, ducks are one of the few animal species that displays homosexual behavior. A pair of male penguins at New York's Central Park Zoo named Roy and Silo previously made news in 2004 for their love affair. Roy and Silo were eventually given a fertile egg to care for until hatching by zookeepers.
    Rare Male Ducks Fall for Each Other

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    Did the female duck look like this?

    Last female duck of their species and they'd rather get off with each other
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