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Thread: Labrador Tubby is top recycler

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    Default Labrador Tubby is top recycler

    A Labrador in south Wales is helping to clean up the countryside and save the planet with his favourite hobby, picking up plastic bottles!
    Tubby goes for walks twice a day, digging under bushes and even wading through water to collect old bottles people have chucked away.
    The dog then gives them to his owner, who puts them out for recycling.
    Sandra Gilmore, from Torfaen, said Tubby has helped her recycle around 26,000 bottles over his lifetime.

    Mrs Gilmore said: "He has got a real nose for them and has done ever since he was a puppy.
    "Tubby must be the keenest, greenest recycling canine around."
    Mrs Gilmore thinks Tubby likes collecting bottles because of the noise they make when he crushes them in his mouth. She said his habit is great for the recycling crews, because the plastic is already crushed when they pick it up!

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Labrador Tubby is top recycler

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    What a great dog!!! I need to put Josie to work.

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