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Thread: Mother cat adopts four ophaned puppies

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    Default Mother cat adopts four ophaned puppies

    Thu, 12 Mar 2009 9:19a.m.
    A cat is defying the laws of nature.
    The maternal feline which is already the mother of two kittens has adopted four orphaned puppies.
    She gave birth to her own litter on Valentines Day, the same day that the young pups were born.
    The pup's mother was hit by a car when they were just three days old.
    The cat's owner says he was surprised at his cat's unusual behaviour.

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    How sweet and sad at the same time. Poor momma dog was killed when he babies were days old....

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    what impresses me most: no matter what happens... there is always loads of love in the world.

    if we start to spread it ourselves it starts to grow everywhere and we are able to see it in others

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    I am surprised at the stupidity of the owners-have they never heard spay or neuter your pet??
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