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Thread: The first steps of the polar cubs

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    Default The first steps of the polar cubs

    It's a sight to warm even the coldest of hearts.
    On wobbly young legs, they emerge blinking into the early spring sunlight, amazed at a world where everything is a new adventure.
    These polar bear cubs, just eight weeks old, are taking their very first steps outside their birth den under the watchful eye of their protective mother, braving the chill Arctic wind and facing the threat of predators for the first time.

    Three's company: Snuggled together for warmth, the young polar bear family find a safe place to rest on the first day away from their den

    Mum you're not listening: The youngsters vie for attention
    Keeping her babies safe has been on the mother polar bear's mind for many months now.
    She made this den in Canada with the utmost care back in late October, ensuring it was well hidden from all observers.
    After emerging, this young family were on the move very rapidly.

    Forty winks: Playing in the snow has been such hard work

    Cubby hole: Emerging into the outside world for the first time
    For safety, the female leaves the den site almost immediately - but the babies have only little legs and get tired very quickly.
    Every hour, the mother is forced to stop to suckle them and let them rest - as captured here by wildlife photographer Andy Rouse.
    He said: 'The female was lying down in some small trees and the cubs were lying across her body playing with her.
    'It was wonderful to watch. She was incredibly tender with them, being careful always to use her body heat to stop them getting cold - and tolerating them biting her ears!'

    Ice 'n' easy does it: Getting a little more confident in the open

    Bear neccessities: The cubs stop for a sit down as they cross the Arctic wasteland

    Look Mum, it's been snowing... The first steps of the polar cubs | Mail Online

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    Double cuteness!
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    Okay, that third picture just melts my heart. They are so freaking cute!!
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