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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    Animal pictures of the week: 6 March 2009

    Mavrick, a 14-month-old male Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, tries to go eye to eye with Akaasha, a six-month-old female Bengal tiger at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California...

    A polar bear stretches at the St.Felicien Wildlife Zoo in St. Felicien, Canda before going for a swim...

    ...and then shaking all the water off

    Polar bear Knut plays with a rubber chicken at the Berlin Zoo

    A horse stands in a swimming pool in the garden of a villa in Almere, Netherlands...

    ...What caused the animal to fall into the pool is unknown. With the help of the fire brigade the owner managed to get the animal out. It was not harmed

    Three giraffes at Sydney's Taronga Zoo eye up a carrot given to them by a visitor...

    ...One of the giraffes wraps its tongue around the carrot

    Pemba, a four-month-old red panda cub, eats some grapes during his first public appearance at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

    Louis, Hedley and Dorothy, a ring-tailed lemur family at the Spring River Zoo in Roswell, New Mexico, examine and nibble upon an old cardboard box that had blown into their cage

    A Linne's two-toed sloth and a Malayan flying fox hang around in the Fragile Forest environment at Singapore Zoo

    A Matschie's tree kangaroo is seen in the Fragile Forest section at Singapore Zoo, which houses animals in danger of extinction

    A lesser mousedeer is seen in the Fragile Forest area

    One-day old camel Jargalan stands next to his mother Urga in their enclosure at Zurich's zoo

    A giraffe foal is cleaned by its mother shortly after it was born at Aalborg zoo, Denmark

    With their own personal shower apparatus at their disposal, Thai elephants are well placed to look after themselves and fellow mammals when the going gets hot, as it did at Dusit zoo in Bangkok...

    ...Not having their own built-in shower equipment, this tiger and chimpanzee had to settle for licking a block of ice to stay cool...

    ...but sometimes a bath is better than a shower for getting out of the heat

    A female giant panda named Lin Hui enjoys an ice lolly to cool down at Chiang Mai zoo, northern Thailand

    A meerkat warms up under a heat lamp at Battersea Park Children's Zoo

    Lambs in a field at Walkhampton, Dartmoor, following a snow fall

    Deepa, a one-year-old female orang utan, plays in a sack on Orang Utan Island at Bukit Merah Resort in the Malaysian state of Perak

    An orangutan contemplates life at Dusit zoo in Bangkok

    Rufus, the commuting furry 55-kilo Pyrenean mountain dog, who takes the tube from Pinner to Baker Street every day

    Keano the labrador, who has been named the UK's pet slimmer of the year, poses with a cardboard dut-out of his former self

    Kix, a Portuguese water dog, the breed chosen to be the new White House dog, enjoys a walk around the muddy fields near his home before participating in this year's Crufts

    A dog barks though a hole in the wall of a hardware store decorated with a bat painting in Bogota, Colombia

    Animal pictures of the week: 6 March 2009 - Telegraph

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