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Thread: Firemen dismantle car to rescue trapped cat

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    Default Firemen dismantle car to rescue trapped cat

    Bemused firemen were forced to dismantle a car after a hapless cat managed to get trapped in its engine.
    The terrified moggy, called Napoleon, had sought refuge there after falling from a second storey window.
    Owner Angela Atkinson, 42, was moving house when her beloved ten-year-old feline came a cropper.

    Raining cats: Napoleon fell thirty feet from a second storey window before getting stuck in car engine

    Napoleon lost one of his nine lives and survived the fall unscathed, but he decided to recover somewhere warm and dark and spotted neighbour Sandra Dudas' Peugeot 206.
    Mrs Atkinson said: 'I was in the process of packing and opened the window to get some fresh air in the place.
    'Napoleon decided he was going to sit on the window sill, but his leg slipped and he fell out of the window.
    'He got frightened and ran and hid underneath a car.
    'As I was trying to coax him out, he jumped up into the engine.
    Fire-fighters were called to the scene in Worthing, West Sussex. A member of the crew said: 'He was right in the middle of the engine, tucked behind the gear box.'
    Three rescuers spent almost two hours removing the car's wheel, battery and air filter to get to poor Napoleon.
    Ms Atkinson added: 'I have one very tired, dirty and hungry cat.
    'He stinks of oil so I might leave it a while before I try and wash him, but I am relieved to have him back.'

    Pet rescue: Fire-fighters were called to the scene to dismantle the neighbour's Peugot 206

    Napoleon meets his Waterloo... Firemen dismantle car engine to rescue trapped cat | Mail Online

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    So glad to know that kitty is safe now.
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    Now someone has to reassemble the neighbour's car!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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