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Thread: Panda baby steps out for the cameras

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    Default Panda baby steps out for the cameras

    Pemba, a four-month-old red panda cub, is fed some grapes during his first public appearance at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

    Taronga Zoo's baby red panda was out and about for the first time on Wednesday, exploring his outdoor habitat.
    Pemba, meaning Saturday in Nepalese, was born at the Sydney zoo 12 weeks ago to mum Wanmei and dad Mayhem.
    "It is always a wonderful achievement when an endangered species is born at Taronga Zoo, especially when they are as adorable and charismatic as a baby red panda," keeper Megan Lewis said.
    Red pandas are smaller than the well-known black and white giant pandas of China, growing to just over one metre in length with rusty-red fur, a striped tail, and white and red facial fur.
    They are native to forest areas in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and parts of Burma and China.
    Their long claws and padded paws make them well adapted to climbing trees, where they spend long hours resting, sunbathing or grooming.
    Taronga's red panda breeding program started in 1977 and Pemba is the 44th cub to be born since it began.
    Red pandas are in danger from illegal hunting and deforestation, with only 2500 estimated to remain in the wild.
    Like the giant pandas, red pandas feed mostly on bamboo, but they can also eat fruit and vegetables.
    They are fully grown at two years and can live up to 14 years.

    Panda baby steps out for the cameras |

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    What a cutie! I love his eyes...
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    What a cutie. Red Pandas are adorable!!

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    How cute! Want!
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    I love red pandas. I have one as the background on my BB..
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    He looks like a cross between a fox and a little teddy bear.
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    it looks so cute, almost like a stuffed animal
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