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Thread: We take you live to the 2009 Staring Championships

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    Default We take you live to the 2009 Staring Championships

    Cute Overload!

    ... and if you've just joined us, it's been an inaction-packed afternoon as we enter the ninth blink-less hour of the showdown between Zeke, the young challenger, and Karma, seasoned veteran starer. And it looks like neither of these determined dogs are giving any ground as... wait a minute, I'm told there's been a ruling from the line judge...

    ... and... ZEKE HAS BLINKED! Yes, it's been confirmed, Zeke has blinked, and that means that Karma retains the Championship Staring title, and it looks like Zeke may be out for the rest of the season to undergo eye adjustments...

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    Cute! Sweetie pies.
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