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Thread: Bravery award for stabbed dog

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    Default Bravery award for stabbed dog

    Anya made a full recovery after being stabbed in the chest

    A police dog which was stabbed while protecting an officer is to receive a special award at Crufts.
    German shepherd Anya was injured in January 2008 as police tried to calm a man with a knife in Swindon.
    Her officer Pc Neil Sampson was also badly hurt, but both recovered and are back on front-line duty together. Anya will receive her award on Thursday.
    Somali translator Essa Suleiman, 27, of London was sentenced to nine years for the attack.
    Pc Sampson needed surgery on his head and face and his return to work was delayed when the wounds becoming infected after treatment.
    Anya was stabbed in the chest but made a swift recovery. At the time, acting Ch Supt Kevin Maidment said "The intervention of the dog played a vital part and helped bring to an end this horrific incident."

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Bravery award for stabbed dog

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    Truly Wonder Dog. I hope he gets lots of steak.
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    Super Dog!!
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    So good to know he has fully recovered. It's good that he's getting a medal, but I'm sure he'd prefer a nice juicy T-Bone!
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    Aww, may he live out his years in comfort, love and lots of steaks

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    What a beautiful brave girl! I love German Shepherds!

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